Contract Terms & Conditions

Road America Auto Transport (broker) agrees to transport the Shipper's (customer) vehicle based on their instructions. Please note that specific pick-up and delivery dates cannot be guaranteed. Pick-up and delivery will be conducted from commercial loading zones in the Shipper's area or as close to their door as safely possible unless restricted by residential area regulations. If the Shipper or their designated contact is unavailable during delivery, the vehicle will be taken to a terminal, and additional fees for storage and delivery will apply.

PAYMENT: The Shipper must pay a $200 deposit upon placing their order. Once dispatched, the deposit is non-refundable. The remaining balance can be paid in one of two ways:

The Shipper will inform the broker of their preferred payment method.

INSURANCE: The carrier provides damage coverage up to $100,000 to $500,000 for cargo insurance per load and a minimum of $750,000 for public liability and property damage. However, the carrier is not responsible for damages caused by mechanical or operating failures of the Shipper's vehicle, leaking fluids, freezing, exhaust systems, or untied antennas. Any damage claims must be documented and signed on a condition report upon delivery and submitted in writing within 15 days of the delivery date. According to Department of Transportation regulations, all claims must be filed in writing, and all tariffs must be paid in full before the claim can be processed.

INOPERABLE/OVERSIZED: The Shipper's vehicle should be in good running condition with no more than half a tank of fuel. Additional charges may apply if the vehicle is inoperable or oversized (e.g., longer than 16 feet, dual-wheeled large pickup, van, racks, or weighs more than 5000 lbs.). Please inquire about these charges, which must be paid in cash or certified check upon delivery.

LUGGAGE: The Shipper should not leave electronic equipment, plants, pets, alcohol, drugs, or firearms in the vehicle. Any luggage should be confined to the trunk, avoiding heavy items and not exceeding 100 lbs. The carrier is not liable for personal items left in the vehicle or damages caused by excessive or improper loading. For shipments to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, the vehicle must be empty except for factory-installed equipment and should have no more than a quarter tank of fuel. Any additional articles or excessive fuel will be removed at the Shipper's expense.

By using Road America Auto Transport, the Shipper agrees to the aforementioned terms and conditions. Road America Auto Transport operates under the Department of Transportation (DOT) number 3735540.